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The Whitney Lecture on Sept. 21 & 22 Features Professor Emeritus & Visiting Fellow Adrian Horridge from Australian National University

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The Whitney Lecture, an annual event hosted by the University of Florida Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience, brings renowned scientists to St. Augustine and Gainesville to share significant research and contributions to science. The title of this year’s lecture is “The Disgraceful Affair of the Bees and the Flowers,” which will be presented by Adrian…

Welcome: Dr. Melissa DeBiasse joins the Ryan Lab


Dr. Melissa DeBiasse is a new Postdoc in the Ryan Lab Dr. Melissa DeBiasse is an evolutionary ecologist and is interested in the processes that generate biodiversity in the ocean. Her research examines the distribution of genetic and phenotypic variation within and among populations in marine invertebrates. Melissa grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio but hasn’t…