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Under the Sea Soiree on Sept. 23


Under the Sea Soiree Fundraiser: Celebrate Biodiversity with the Whitney Lab! Thank you so much for supporting the Lab at the Under the Sea Soiree! We raised over $16,000 and had $9,000 worth of donated items for the auction. We especially appreciate all of our sponsors who came through to support our community outreach programs…

Dr. Leslie Babonis and Dr. Mark Martindale have New Paper in EvoDevo


Congratulations to Whitney Laboratory’s Dr. Leslie Babonis, postdoctoral research associate, and Dr. Mark Martindale, director, for their recent publication in “EvoDevo” about their work involving the starlet sea anemone. The publication is titled “PaxA, but not PaxC, is required for cnidocyte development in the sea anemone.” “Seeing those data published is so rewarding,” said Dr….