Graduate Programs

Graduate Studies at Whitney

The Whitney Lab welcomes graduate students looking for intensive research training in the intimate environment of a modern marine laboratory. Our internationally renowned faculty specializes in using marine animals to address fundamental questions in biological research. The simplicity, large cell size, and transparency of many aquatic animals can provide enormous experimental advantages over traditional lab animals such as rats and mice – allowing the ability to perform experiments that are technically more difficult with other animals.


Students doing their dissertation research with Whitney faculty must enroll through one of the three graduate programs at the University of Florida: Department of Biology, the School of Medicine’s Interdisciplinary Program, or the Department of Microbiology and Cell Science in the College of Agriculture. Each program has a unique structure, and different requirements and courses.

To learn more about the research conducted at the Whitney, view the faculty pages, and contact the faculty member whose work interests you prior to submitting an application to a graduate program.

Graduate students typically spend one to two semesters at the Gainesville campustudents_SeaverLab-300x225s completing coursework and fulfilling teaching requirements. During this period, students maintain contact with the Laboratory and their major professor through meetings, progress reports, seminars, and summer research. Students then move to the St. Augustine area to complete their research. Additional course requirements (e.g. seminars) are typically fulfilled at Whitney Lab or by video conferencing to the main campus.

Whitney graduate students qualify for all UF grad student benefits, such as health insurance, campus fellowships, assistantships, and other awards.

With an outstanding faculty, state of the art equipment, intellectually rigorous atmosphere, and an ideal marine research location, the University of Florida’s Whitney Laboratory for Marine Biosciences provides excellent graduate school training.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!