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Welcome new faculty!


Please join us in welcoming two new faculty to the Whitney. Todd Osborne, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biogeochemistry and Joseph Ryan, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biology have both recently joined the Lab.


Conference: Evolution of the First Nervous Systems II


May 13, 14,15, 2014 – This meeting will revisit a topic addressed in a meeting held in 1989, at a time that predated our understanding of the phylogenetic relationships between the early animal phyla in which the nervous system or nervous systems first appeared, and predated the wealth of molecular data that has since enabled us to trace the origins of the molecular building blocks (i.e. ion channels, neurotransmitters etc.) that underlie nervous system function.


Congrats Michael Layden, PhD New Assistant Professor, Lehigh University


Dr. Michael Layden, postdoctoral associate in the Martindale lab, has secured a tenure track position of Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. Michael has contributed extensively through his rigourous scientific and publication work here at Whitney Laboratory. Not only will his molecular/cellular biology acumen be missed, but his his humor, love of…