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Welcome: Dr. Melissa DeBiasse joins the Ryan Lab


Dr. Melissa DeBiasse is a new Postdoc in the Ryan Lab Dr. Melissa DeBiasse is an evolutionary ecologist and is interested in the processes that generate biodiversity in the ocean. Her research examines the distribution of genetic and phenotypic variation within and among populations in marine invertebrates. Melissa grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio but hasn’t…

Global Research Team including Dr. Mark Martindale, Dr. Joseph Ryan and Doctoral Student David Simmons Publish in Nature


  Whitney Laboratory director Dr. Mark Q. Martindale, with Whitney faculty Dr. Joseph Ryan and Biology Doctoral Student David Simmons contributed to the research published in Nature this week,  looking at which molecular pathways lead to different outcomes during evolution in a variety of animals. This work is important because for the first time it uses…

ctenopalooza March 14 & 15th @ The Whitney Lab!


An international meeting of ctenophore biologists will be taking place at the Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience on March 14 & 15, 2016. Our goal is to unite ctenophore researchers from a wide variety of disciplines and to focus on new avenues of research, and cross-disciplinary studies, with an additional focus on the history of…

Dr. Leonid Moroz, Distinguished Professor at the Whitney Laboratory and McKnight Brain Institute receives prestigious INSPIRE grant

Leonid Moroz1#sm_file_thumb300web

“INSPIRE: Deciphering the Genealogy of Neurons via Planetary Biodiversity Capture” is part of the president’s Brain initiative through National Science Foundation.  This research initiative led by Dr. Moroz is highly interdisciplinary and will marry Biodiversity and Neuroscience with extensive use of genomic tools. The project is jointly funded by the Organization Program in the Neural…

Welcome Whitney’s Summer Undergrad Research Interns! (NSF REU Program)

REU 2015 group_sm

The Whitney Laboratory  Research Experience for Undergraduate Program (REU) sponsored by the National Science Foundation and Whitney, offers an exceptional opportunity for motivated undergraduates to participate in scientific research in individual laboratories. The 11 week course will conclude August 11th with a final talk and poster presentation of individual research projects. One of the REU undergraduates…

Martindale lab publishes on brachiopod gene expression in the journal EvoDevo

Martindale Lab EvoDevo Figure

Martindale Lab members Yale Passamaneck and Mark Martindale with co-author Andreas Hejnol had their paper on brachiopod gene expression published in the journal EvoDevo. Their paper, Mesodermal gene expression during the embryonic and larval development of the articulate brachiopod Terebratalia transversa, explores the role that regulatory genes play in the cellular and larval development of brachiopods. Congratulations! Follow this link to…