Matanzas River Basin Biodiversity Initiative Species List

This list is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. It is the beginning of a comprehensive online inventory of the biological resources within the Matanzas River Basin. This is an ongoing project and the list will be updated as species are identified and documented. If you would like to see some of our recent work on iNaturalist click here: 

Phylum: Porifera, Cnidaria, Ctenophora, Platyhelminthes, Entoprocta, Echinodermata

Phylum Scientific Name Common Name
Porifera Class Demospongiae Sponges
Cliona celata yellow boring sponge
Hymeniacidon heliophila sun sponge
Microciona prolifera red beard sponge
Cnidaria Class Hydrozoa Hydrozoans
Order Anthoathecatae Athecate hydroids
Hydractinia echinata snail fur
Ectopleura crocea
Order Siphonophorae Siphonophores
Physalia physalis Portuguese man o’war
Class Anthozoa Sea anemones
Order Actiniaria Sea anemones
Aiptasia pallida brown anemone
Anthopleura varioarmata armored anemone
Calliactis tricolor tricolor anemone
Order Scleractinia Stony corals
Astrangia poculata star coral
Order Ceriantharia Tube-dwelling anemones
Ceriantheopsis americana  tube anemone
Order Alcyonacea Soft corals
Leptogorgia virgulata colorful sea whip
Order Pennatulacea Sea pansies
Renilla reniformis sea pansy
Class Scyphozoa Jellyfish
Chrysaora quinquecirrha sea nettle
Cyanea capillata lion’s mane medusa
Stomolophus meleagris cannonball jellyfish
Ctenophora Class Nuda
Beroe sp.
Class Tentaculata
Mnemiopsis leidyi comb jelly
Platyhelminthes Class Turbelaria Planarians
Bdelloura candida horseshoe crab worm
Ectoprocta Class Gymnolaemata Marine Bryozoans
Alcyonidium sp.
Anguinella palmata
Bugula neritina
Membranipora tenuis
Schizoporella errata
Zoobotryon verticillatum
Echinodermata Class Asteroidea Sea stars
Asterias forbesi  common starfish
Astropecten articulatus margined sea star
Luidia clathrata  gray sea star
Class Ophiuroidea Brittle stars
Ophiothrix angulata spiny brittle star
Hemipholis elongata blood brittle star
Class Echinoidea Sea urchins
Arbacia punctulata  purple spined sea urchin
Lytechinus variegatus  variable urchin
Mellita quinquiesperforata  sand dollar
Class Holothuroidea Sea cucumbers
Thyone briareus  brown sea cucumber
Thyonella gemmata green sea cucumber