Wish List

Equipment Needs for the Sea Turtle Hospital

Please contact Cat Eastman, Sea Turtle Program Coordinator, at (904) 461-4028 or Jessica Long, Development Director at (904) 461-4018 if you are interested in helping sponsor any of the items that are needed.

Robot Coupe Blixer 4 = $2,089
Part of our patient’s diets includes sea turtle gel. This healthy diet is made in house by Sea Turtle Hospital at Whitney Lab staff. It includes a variety of supplements, vegetables, and seafood with a gelatin base. The best way to mix all of these ingredients together is with a blender/mixer (blixer). Help us keep our patients healthy by donating this awesome machine!

GoPro HERO with Waterproof Housing = $500
This will allow us to capture amazing photos and video of our patients in their tanks and while being released. The footage will not only be fun to have, but will also allow us to record unusual behaviors and procedures at the hospital to be sent to our veterinarian for evaluation or put in presentations at professional conferences.

LED Smart TV with Wall Mount and Closed Circuit Camera for Education Room
A smart TV will allow us to be able to show informative videos about sea turtles and their natural history, will allow us to show clips and photos from releases and procedures performed at the lab. The camera will be set up in the treatment room and will allow visitors to view procedures and surgeries happening in the treatment from the safety and comfort of the education room.

GyroMini Nutating Mixer = $379
It is important to continuously rock or mix blood after it has been collected, either in a syringe or a tube. This way the blood doesn’t settle and separate. This mixer would be used on an almost daily basis to aid in keeping blood samples mixed and ready for diagnostic testing.

Modulus Data Systems COMP-U-DIFF Differential Cell Counter with Computer/Printer Interfaces = $1,838.70
We will be doing our own in-house white blood cell counts to monitor patients health. This counter will help us keep track of those differentials.

Platform Truck (30”x60”)
This will allow us to transport large sea turtles between the rehabilitation tanks and the treatment room with ease. It is safer to move ill sea turtles on a cart than it is to move them by hand. This equipment will also prevent staff and volunteers from injuring their backs.

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