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Mark Martindale, PhD, Director

Mark Q. Martindale, PhD

Professor of Biology, Director Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience

Research Area: Evolutionary Development

Martindale Laboratory Page



Barry Ache, PhD

Barry W Ache, PhD

Barry W. Ache, PhD

Distinguished Professor of Neuroscience and Biology, Director of the University of Florida Center for Smell and Taste

Research Area: Olfaction

Ache Laboratory Page



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Peter A.V. Anderson, PhD

Peter A.V. Anderson, PhD

Professor of Physiology and Functional Genomics Neuroscience and Biology, Former Director of Whitney Laboratory (1996-2012)

Research Area: Nervous System Evolution

Anderson Laboratory Page



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Barbara Anne Battelle, PhD

Barbara-Anne Battelle, PhD

Professor of Neuroscience and Biology

Research Area: Biochemistry of Vision

Battelle Laboratory Page




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James C Liao, PhD

James C. Liao, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biology

Research Area: Biomechanics and Neurobiology of Fish Locomotion

Liao Laboratory Page



paul linser300x300

Paul J Linser, PhD

Paul J. Linser, PhD

Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Neuroscience, Microbiology and Cell Science, Entomology, and Biology

Research Area: Developmental and Molecular Biology of Disease Vector Arthropods, Degenerative Changes in the Inner Ear

Linser Laboratory Page



Leonid Moroz, PhD

Leonid Moroz, PhD

Distinguished Professor of Neuroscience, Genetics, Biology and Chemistry

Research Area: Genomics, Memory and Neuronal Evolution

Moroz Laboratory Page


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Todd Osborne, PhD

Todd Osborne, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biogeochemistry

Research Area: Wetland Biogeochemistry

Osborne Laboratory Page




Joseph Ryan_300x300

Joseph Ryan, PhD

Joseph Ryan, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biology

Research Area: Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Biology

Ryan Laboratory Page


Elaine Seaver 300x300

Elaine Seaver, PhD

Elaine Seaver, PhD

Professor of Biology

Research Area: Development and Evolution of Marine Invertebrates

Seaver Laboratory Page

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