Teaching Opportunities

For those Whitney Grad Students or Post docs looking for ways to fulfill your mentorship plan, gain experience for your CV, or just curious about whether you would enjoy teaching or not, we encourage you to take a look below at the compiled list of opportunities available. If you would like to participate in any of the teaching activities listed or wish to discuss them more in detail please, contact Whitney lab’s education coordinator, Brenda Cannaliato, at brenda@whitney.ufl.edu, 904-461-4014 or office #203 located upstairs of the CMS.

Mentor a high school student on their science fair project or a research project to help the student gain college admission. You must be flexible. If this need is during the school year instead of summer, you may be mentoring the student during evenings and/or weekends.

High School Marine Biotech Program
For February/March, the lab needs two people to teach in our high school DNA program for IB juniors at Pedro Menendez High School.

Curriculum, Powerpoints, equipment, supplies and reagents provided. Commitment consists of two one hour visits to the classroom and two full days here at the lab.

* We have funding to offer the program to another high school this year. We need two people to teach the DNA marine biotech program to St. Augustine students, same details as above, date/timeframe negotiable.

This opportunity is for two people each summer to teach an ethics class to our undergraduate summer interns. This is part of the REU program. Commitment time is one hour one evening a week for nine weeks during the summer, and the day of the week depends upon the lead instructor’s availability.

This works best if one person acts as the lead and the other acts as the assistant. Then, the next summer the lead person will rotate off, the assistant now acts as the lead instructor with a new person coming on as the assistant, then the following year that lead instructor rotates off and so on.

This is an opportunity for one, two or more people each summer to teach a science language class to our summer REU’s and other participating students. The class is held weekly during the summer schedule/date & timeframe TBA at the beginning of each summer.

Present your research to the Whitney docents, lecture or demo style, late August – mid May; Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, timeframe normally 1-2 p.m. but can be negotiable.

Scientific Communication
Present your research organism, demo an experiment or just talk research at one of our Whitney fundraiser events. From time to time, our Developmental Publisher, Jessica Long, will put out a request for ‘presenter’ to participate at one of these small or large events. This is a great way to practice communicating ‘what you do’ to a select crowd or general audience.

Science Fair/Community Events
Create an activity or demo for science nights and/or community weekend events such as Earth Day, Environmental Day, Arbor Day, etc. These requests are mostly in the fall for local school events and fall and spring for local outdoor festivals. If you are interested in doing events like these, then you can create a demo/ activity, take some animals or take a microscope to showcase some local organisms. If this is something you are interested in, let Brenda know and she will forward the various requests that the Whitney Lab receives.

Day Camps
Help create and teach a special camp here at the lab for community adults and/or high school students. Camp curriculum will revolve around researcher’s interest…you can collaborate with other labs and do a joint program. These camps can evolve each year as participating educators come and go and researcher’s needs change. These are also great fundraising opportunities!

Help guide 4th-6th graders through three 30-minute activities during our Day at the Whitney Program. Choose from a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from end of August – mid May, timeframe is 9 a.m.-1 p.m. We can offer flexibility on commitment.

Traveling Zoo
This K-3rd grade off-site program is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from the end of August – mid May, timeframe is 7:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Join our Whitney docents at local elementary schools to give students a tactile educational experience using marine invertebrate animals. We can offer flexibility on commitment.

* Professional guidance will be given for listing these activities on the participant’s CV.