Adopt a Washback!

Adopt a Washback!

Published: Thursday, October 21, 2021

TODAY is the day! It is your chance to virtually ADOPT A WASHBACK sea turtle to support the care of turtles! Click below to name a cute little washback - but pick your name and hurry, our campaign ends 10/31!

Washbacks are this year's sea turtle baby hatchlings that have made it out to the line of Sargassum seaweed, over 50-100 miles in the ocean! With fall storms and strong ocean currents and winds they are pushed all the way back onto the beach and need our help to survive. 

Join us to help support hundreds of washback sea turtles we care for at the Sea Turtle Hospital each season and by symbolically ADOPTING A WASHBACK, named by you!

When you make a gift you will receive a personalized washback adoption certificate within one business day of your donation via email. Your turtle support keeps the Sea Turtle Hospital going strong!