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By sponsoring the care of sea turtle Abu you'll be supporting the Sea Turtle Hospital and the work we do to research, rehab and release these amazing animals. Your sponsorship can provide Abu important medical supplies, nutritious food, critical exams and other types of care provided while at the Sea Turtle Hospital.

Suggested amount to sponsor the care of a turtle is $50. We appreciate gifts above $50 as well.

For joining us, you'll receive:

  • A personalized certificate and choice to have it mailed to your home or emailed
  • A monthly email update
  • Advance notice of the turtle’s release

You can even give a turtle sponsorship as a gift!

Please allow 2 weeks for mailed certificate to arrive. Emailed certificates sent within 3-4 business days. 

For questions about sponsoring, please contact wlmb@whitney.ufl.edu.

Sponsor Abu

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Abu's Story

Abu is part of our “Disney sidekick” naming theme for 2023. Abu arrived on February 13 from Vilano Beach, right here in St. Johns County. Abu was found washed ashore, heavily covered in epibiota (organisms like barnacles, sea squirts, and marine leeches living on the surface of another organism). Heavy epibiota is an indication that Abu hasn’t been very mobile in his/her natural habitat.

On intake examination, Abu was in good body condition with mild Fibropapilloma (FP) tumors located on both eyes, both inguinal regions (rear flippers) and both axillary regions (arm pit areas). Unfortunately, the heavy amount of marine leeches on Abu caused dermatitis and caused her blood values to be low.

After a three-hour fresh water soak to remove all the marine leeches and other epibiota, Abu was able to move into one of our rehab tanks. He/she immediately started readily eating seafood for staff. After a few days of antibiotics, fluid therapy and vitamin supplements, Abu’s blood values improved. Now we can start getting rid of those tumors!