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2nd Named Patient of 2022!

Allen Wrench's Story

Meet “Allen Wrench,” the second named patient of the 2022 "Construction" naming theme! Allen Wrench is the tenth patient of the year and stranded off Gene Johnson Road, just two miles north of the lab. Allen Wrench washed ashore with the strong currents and offshore winds we had been experiencing.  

On intake exam Allen Wrench presented with a thin body condition and was slightly edematous (swollen with fluids). There was a mild Fibropapilloma (FP) tumor burden, including early FP lesions in both inguinal regions and a small marginal tumor. Areas of ulceration and abrasions were also present. We’ll continue to monitor those areas for the start of possible tumor growth. Dr. Brooke also found the right elbow to be moderately swollen. Allen Wrench had normal range of motion, but the elbow appeared painful on palpation. Radiographs, taken on all new patients, showed severe osteomyelitis in both elbows, especially the right. All other joints were within normal limits. Some mild congestion was noted in both lungs and mild GI gas, but there were no visible internal tumors.  

We’ve started Allen Wrench on fluid therapy, which includes vitamin supplement. He/she will also be receiving antibiotics, pain management medications, and daily physical therapy to the right elbow.  

We are pleased to report that since intake Allen Wrench has been moved into one of our rehab tanks and is eating seafood well for staff. He/she is even doing well taking oral medications hidden in seafood.