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By sponsoring the care of sea turtle Asparagus, you'll be supporting the Sea Turtle Hospital and the work we do to research, rehab and release these amazing animals. Your sponsorship can provide Asparagus important medical supplies, nutritious food, critical exams and other types of care provided to her while at the Sea Turtle Hospital.

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Asparagus returned to her ocean home July 20, 2021!

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Currently our largest patient!

Asparagus' Story

Arrival: March 10, 2021
Location: Flagler Beach

Asparagus is a large juvenile green turtle that stranded on Flagler Beach March 10. She is currently our largest patient in the hospital. Asparagus had a thin body condition on arrival with 95% of carapace (shell) covered in epibiota (barnacles, brown algae, and green algae). During her initial examination, she showed moderate to severe pneumonia and Fibropapilloma (FP) tumors on her right eye, neck, front flippers, and both lower flipper regions. After weeks of intensive fluid therapy with vitamin supplements and a combination of antibiotics, her bloodwork and pneumonia started to improve.

Asparagus was then well enough to transport off site to Precision Imaging Center for CT scan. CT results showed her pneumonia was resolved and no signs of internal lesions. To date Asparagus has had three FP tumor removal surgeries and continues to do well in rehab. Asparagus is tumor free and is recovering well from her surgeries.