Equipment Needs for the Sea Turtle Hospital

Please contact Cat Eastman, Sea Turtle Program Coordinator, at (904) 201-8414 or Jessica Long, Senior Director of Advancment at (904) 201-8401 if you are interested in helping sponsor any of the items that are needed.

GyroMini Nutating Mixer = $379

It is important to continuously rock or mix blood after it has been collected, either in a syringe or a tube. This way the blood doesn’t settle and separate. This mixer would be used on an almost daily basis to aid in keeping blood samples mixed and ready for diagnostic testing.

Aesculight VetScalpel Adjustable Tipless Handpiece = $799

This will allow for faster and more sterile adjustments of laser settings to perform surgery more precisely and more efficiently.

Ventilator = $2,793.80

Provides ventilation to anesthetized and severely debilitated turtles that are unable to effectively breath on their own.

SurgiVet 2550 Small animal ventilator -