Module 1 - March 18, 2023

Nitrogen and phosphorus – Why Nutrients Matter in the Environment by Todd Osborne, PhD

About Module 1 - Nitrogen and phosphorus – Why Nutrients Matter in the Environment

About Module 1 - Nitrogen and phosphorus – Why Nutrients Matter in the Environment

The Osborne Lab is focused on the biogeochemical cycling of ecologically relevant elements in the environment with special focus on nutrients such as carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus that can impact our climate and ecosystems significantly if allowed to get out of natural balance.

  • Ever wondered how good things such as nutrients that are required for growth of all plants and animals (and us) can cause such big problems in the environment?

Join the Osborne Lab as we delve into local soil and water resources around the Whitney laboratory to discover just how nitrogen and phosphorus, essential nutrients for all life, can get out of balance resulting in environmental problems.

We will investigate these nutrients and analyze environmental samples to see how nature deals with them and keeps them in check. 


Preparing for the Workshop

Preparing for the Workshop

What to Expect

Expect to learn in a casual small group setting. Lots of time for questions and hands on analysis of samples you collect from around the Whitney Laboratory grounds! You will receive a packet with information we cover and direction for aspects of the days activities to keep and reference. Expect to have a great morning with us and learn something new and exciting!

Items to Bring

  • Drink / Snack: Water bottles and snacks are suggested to bring. We plan for a half day adventure but you may get a little hungry before we finish so please feel free to bring your own snacks. Drinking water stations are available around the lab building.
  • Clothing: Weather appropriate casual clothing for exploring around the laboratory grounds and closed toed shoes for working inside the chemistry laboratory. Lab coats and eye protection will be provided. Lab building is kept cool in the lower 70’s so if you would like a light sweater or jacket for indoors please bring it along.

Where to Meet

Please arrive at the Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience at 8:30 a.m. to check in for 9:00 a.m. start time. The Center for Marine Studies building is the two-story building located behind the lab on the estuary. The workshop is held on the 2nd floor inside classroom #232. 

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