Camper Information

Camper Guidelines

  • I will wear appropriate clothing and footwear (see below).
  • Safety first! I will follow all safety guidelines posted and communicated to me during the week.
  • I will be on a University of Florida campus and am expected to be on my best behavior. (littering, yelling, fighting, bullying, theft, or other undesirable behavior may result in a camper being excused from camp.)
  • I will respect others and their personal property.
  • I understand that alcohol, drugs, weapons, and illegal activities are prohibited.
  • I understand that my cell phone (if one is brought to camp) may only be used during designated times (counselors will let you know!), except for emergencies.
  • I may not take photos/videos of other camp participants and I will not post photos of them to personal social media accounts without guardian permission.
  • I will have fun and bring a positive attitude every day!


Camper Information

What to Bring
  • A backpack or bag with your personal sunscreen (if needed), small towel, sunglasses, and hat. Please label all personal belongings with camper’s name.
  • Lunch/drink. A refrigerator and microwave are available for campers.
  • Refillable water bottle to use throughout the day.

What to Wear
  • Wear clothing that can get wet or dirty; comfortable clothing for typical Florida summer conditions (heat, humidity). Campers can bring a light jacket for indoors.
  • Please bring a change of clothes daily, there are some activities where campers may get wet!
  • Wear footwear suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. Appropriate shoes can include closed toe- shoes, old tennis shoes, or water shoes with a hard-bottomed sole. Flip-flops and sandals with open toes are not suitable.

Medical Statement
During outdoor activities, campers may be exposed to various organisms present in the environment such as ants, bees, other insects, plants, and marine animals such as oysters, clams, or other shellfish. Individually wrapped snacks provided by Whitney Lab include things like granola bars, single pretzel bags, etc.   Please list any known allergies or medical conditions that Whitney Lab staff need to be aware of. Label and provide clear written instructions for any medications that your child will need to take while at camp.  (Note: there is no certified medical professional on staff at the Whitney Lab).


A refund (minus an administrative fee per camp) will be issued if a written cancellation request is received before May 1st. Refunds cannot be issued for weather-related cancellations. Camp activities and agendas are subject to change due to inclement weather.