Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience is a full-time University of Florida research center for biomedical research and biotechnology.

Founded in 1974, the Whitney Lab is dedicated to using marine model animals for studying fundamental problems in biology and applying that knowledge to issues of human health, natural resources, and the environment.

Led by Director Mark Q. Martindale, Ph.D. who specializes in the evolutionary development of marine organisms, the laboratory is made up of nine faculty-led research laboratories with more than 70 researchers and staff.

An important part of the lab’s mission is to train future experimental biologists through its graduate, postdoctoral and summer National Science Foundation sponsored undergraduate internship program. The laboratory provides a marine animal focused K-12 STEM outreach program and a public lecture series, with the goal of increasing community engagement in lifelong learning and marine science.

Map of Whitney Campus

Want to know more about our research & mission?

Our video gives you a taste for marine science and the exciting opportunities for discovery at the University of Florida Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience.