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Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience is a full-time University of Florida research center for biomedical research and biotechnology located in St. Augustine, Florida. Founded in 1974, the Whitney Lab is dedicated to using marine model animals for studying fundamental problems in biology and applying that knowledge to issues of human health, natural resources, and the environment. Scientists at the lab are on the front lines of biodiversity, neuroscience, sensory biology, ocean health, and cell regeneration – working to Go Greater for all of us.

Research at the Whitney Lab
In response to COVID-19 and in order to promote the safety and wellness of our visitors, volunteers, students, faculty and staff, all of our public programs have been postponed. We are currently reevaluating our public offerings for the community.
The Laboratory is continuing operations under UF and CDC advised guidelines and pursuing important basic research and training, however, we are not open to the public at this time.
We look forward to seeing you at our programming after this dynamic and challenging event has passed.  

Recent News

Adopt a Washback Until Oct. 31 & Thanks!

Washback turtles

Thank you to all who have joined us to support hundreds of washback sea turtles cared for by the Sea Turtle Hospital staff each year by Adopting a Washback, each symbolically named! Adoptions available until Oct.31. Read More

Dr. Danielle de Jong joins the Schnitzler Lab

de Jong, Danielle

Please welcome Dr. Danielle de Jong back to Whitney Laboratory! She joins Dr. Christine Schnitzler’s lab as lab manager and will work with members of the Schnitzler lab as they research various questions regarding regeneration and cell biology in the cnidarian, Hydractinia. Read More

Adopt a Washback!

Washback turtle

TODAY is the day! It is your chance to virtually ADOPT A WASHBACK sea turtle to support the care of turtles! Click below to name a cute warrior washback - but pick your name and hurry, our campaign ends 10/31! Read More

Liao Lab in Today's Science

James Liao, Ph.D.

Congratulations to the Liao Lab, who was recently featured in an article in Today's Science, "Trout go with the Flow (Sometimes)". The article was a write up of the lab's recent publication in the Journal of Experimental Biology, “Oxygen consumption of drift-feeding rainbow trout: the energetic tradeoff between locomotion and feeding in flow". Read More

Whitney Marine Mondays - Classroom Critters

Marine Monday Classroom Critters Hermit

Learn some interesting facts about one of our social classroom critters, the marine hermit crab. Read More

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Performing advanced research in neuroscience, developmental and regenerative biology, marine conservation and marine genomics.

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Sea Turtle Hospital

Sea Turtle Hospital

Helping to conserve threatened Northeast Florida sea turtles by providing rehabilitation, research and education.

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Education and Conservation

Education and Conservation

Providing lifelong learning programs through K-12 outreach, advanced scientific training and a community lecture series.

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Our video gives you a taste for marine science and the exciting opportunities for discovery at the University of Florida Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience.