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Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience is a full-time University of Florida research center for biomedical research and biotechnology located in St. Augustine, Florida. Founded in 1974, the Whitney Lab is dedicated to using marine model animals for studying fundamental problems in biology and applying that knowledge to issues of human health, natural resources, and the environment. Scientists at the lab are on the front lines of biodiversity, neuroscience, sensory biology, ocean health, and cell regeneration – working to Go Greater for all of us.

Research at the Whitney Lab

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Sea Turtle Hospital Staff and Researchers Present at Florida Keys Sea Turtle Workshop

This year staff and researchers of the Sea Turtle Hospital at Whitney Lab were proud to present at the Florida Keys Sea Turtle Workshop held the first weekend in December. Read More

Welcome Alicia Boyd to Whitney Laboratory

Alicia Boyd

Please welcome Alicia Boyd to Whitney Laboratory! She recently joined Dr. Elaine Seaver’s lab to study regeneration in Capitella teleta. Read More


Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Whitney Research Village Ribbon Cutting - Grand Opening on Dec. 8, 2018. This project of six sustainably built cottages supported by the Florida Legislature, private donors and the University of Florida expands our campus by 24 beds. Read More

Next Evenings at Whitney on Dec. 13, 2018

The next lecture in the fall Evenings at Whitney Lecture Series hosted by the University of Florida Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience is on Dec. 13, 2018, at 7 p.m. with the program titled “Ecosystem Challenges in Florida: The Diadema Story (A Case Study…).” Ruth Francis-Floyd, professor and extension veterinarian of the College of Veterinary Medicine and Program in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences at the University of Florida, will talk about the complex challenges of assessing health in Florida’s changing ecosystems. Read More

Liao Lab Publishes Paper in Journal of Experimental Biology

Models of Fish Heads

Congratulations to the Liao Lab for the recent paper published in the Journal of Experimental Biology titled “Head width influences flow sensing by the lateral line canal system in fishes.” Read More

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Performing advanced research in neuroscience, developmental and regenerative biology, marine conservation and marine genomics.

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Sea Turtle Hospital

Sea Turtle Hospital

Helping to conserve threatened Northeast Florida sea turtles by providing rehabilitation, research and education.

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Education and Conservation

Education and Conservation

Providing lifelong learning programs through K-12 outreach, advanced scientific training and a community lecture series.

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