Sea Turtle Hospital Internship

Please check below to find out which internship we are currently taking applications for and specific deadlines.

The internship at The Sea Turtle Hospital @ UF Whitney Lab is designed to be a career learning experience. Interns will gain first-hand experience in data collection, sanitation procedures, food preparation, and sea turtle husbandry. 

Students interested in interning at the hospital should be working towards a degree in marine biology, veterinary medicine or a related field. Recent graduates seeking experience in these fields are also accepted.

Winter Cold Stun Season Internship

Internship Dates: January - April

Application packet due November 1 (interviews conducted around December 15th)

Information and How to Apply

Summer Education / Husbandry Internship

Internship Dates: May - August

Application Packet due March 1 (interviews conducted around April 15th)

Information and How to Apply

Fall Washback Sea Turtle / Husbandry Internship

Internship Dates: September - December

Application Packet due July 15 (interviews conducted around August 15th)

Information and How to Apply