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The Whitney Lab Accepts Volunteers and Interns

The Whitney Lab is an amazing place, with a suite of scientific experts from around the world that work on cutting edge projects which may yield insight into the health, biological, and conservation issues of today!

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Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers!

To be considered eligible to volunteer at the Whitney Laboratory you must:
  • Be 18 years of age (sometimes exceptions can be made)
  • Have a good attitude
  • Be reliable and have transportation to/from the lab
  • Certain departments require more experience, see below
  • Have an active email account that you check on a weekly basis
  • Have a working phone number which you can be reached on the day of your shift

Education Department

Education Department


Trained volunteers guide K-6th grade students through a series of learning stations in our elementary education programs (Day at Whitney Program or Travel Zoo).  Volunteers also assist with our summer camp programs for elementary and middle school children, help represent the lab at off-site outreach or on-site public events, help lead tours of the lab and/or specific facilities, and perform husbandry tasks to care for and maintain animal collections and their housing. 


If interested in becoming an Intern with the Education Department, please submit application materials 3 months in advance of the semester you’d like to pursue credit.

The PERKS of being a volunteer at the Whitney Lab in the Education Department:

  • Making a difference in the lives of thousands of children ~ for many this could be the experience that ignites their interest in science and marine life!
  • In-person training provided on all aspects of program or task operation
  • Invitation to Appreciation Dinner
  • The opportunity to work alongside people with like interests and develop new friendships
  • Invitation to special education lectures on a variety of marine and scientific topics
  • Invitation to education volunteer field trips
Learn more and see photos of our education programs in action!

Sea Turtle Hospital

Volunteers help with a wide array of activities in the Sea Turtle Hospital, doing everything from providing daily care for sick and injured turtles (feeding, medicine), animal husbandry (maintaining/cleaning tanks, prepping food, etc.), helping transport turtles between rescue and hospital site, and helping rescue turtles from outdoor areas. 

Volunteers also represent the turtle hospital at outreach events. 

The PERKS of being a volunteer at the Whitney Lab in the Sea Turtle  Hospital:

  • Help nurture amazing endangered reptiles so they can be released back to the wild where they belong
  • Develop skills in animal husbandry
  • Develop relationships with wildlife professionals and volunteers
  • Invitation to participate in special sea turtle programs or events
  • Invitation to annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
More information about the Sea Turtle Hospital
Research Laboratory

Research Laboratory

Volunteers help with tasks ranging from performing scientific experiments, collecting data in the field, preparing and processing samples, collecting specimens, and performing husbandry tasks to care for and maintain animal collections and their housing.

The PERKS of being a volunteer at the Whitney Lab in the Research Lab:

  • Building self-esteem and self-confidence in a university setting
  • Exploring career opportunities by being exposed to a variety of science staff and projects
  • Broadening skill sets and knowledge related to basic research
  • Help contribute time and effort to long-term research which may yield answers to important scientific questions
  • Develop professional contacts for future recommendation
Process to become a Whitney Volunteer in Education or the Sea Turtle Hospital

Fill out the two required forms:

UF Record of Volunteer Service
WL Volunteer Application

Please send completed volunteer application materials to: 

Whitney Laboratory 
Attention:  Volunteer Program Manager / Angie Golubovich  
9505 Ocean Shore Blvd. 
St. Augustine, FL 32080 
OR email to: angie@whitney.ufl.edu

Please allow 3 weeks for application processing.  We will inform you when we receive your materials, and you will be contacted by our Volunteer Program Manager to inform you if we currently have an open position that fits your experience or whether we’ll put you on our waiting list.  When we have openings, we ALWAYS search our waiting list prior to soliciting help via public avenues. 

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Whitney Lab!

  • Please complete the two forms at the top of this page, then scan them and turn them into a PDF.
  • Visit the following link and study the faculty members and their research: Faculty at Whitney Lab.  After reviewing this information, determine which faculty member you might like to volunteer to help.
  • Compile a summary of experience / CV, and turn into a PDF.
  • Write a letter of interest as to why you want to volunteer with the selected faculty member and turn into a PDF.
  • Submit all of these materials to the specific faculty member you’re interested in working with (email addresses found on their individual web pages).