Sea Turtle Hospital In the News

USA Today: How 'Staggering' DNA Advances Could Improve our Response to Climate Change.

The New York Times: These Items in your Home are Harming America’s Sea Animals

First Coast News: Study: Plastic Found in the Smallest of Baby Sea Turtles

USA Today: From Bugs to Reptiles, Climate Change is Changing Land and the Species that Inhabit It.

First Coast News: UF Sea Turtle Hospital Flooded with Sick Turtles

The Conversation: Newly Hatched Florida Sea Turtles are Consuming Dangerous Quantities of Floating Plastic

The Atlantic: Plastic Has Changed Sea Turtles Forever

Tango films / ZDF (German national broadcaster, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen): documentary about our fibropapillomatosis tumor and plastic ingestion rehab and research. Hannes Jaenicke: Im Einsatz für...  

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC): Green Sport Award winner, racing driver Leilani Münter, visits the Sea Turtle Hospital to learn about how climate change and pollution are impacting wildlife in Florida and discover what we are doing to help.

National Geographic:  Hidden DNA is Revealing Secrets of Animals’ Lives

CBS/Fox Action News Jax: Sea Turtle Hospital Preparing for Release/Expansion

The St. Augustine Record: Whitney Lab opens Sea Turtle Hospital to meet regional demand for rehab centers.

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