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Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience is a full-time University of Florida research center for biomedical research and biotechnology located in St. Augustine, Florida. Founded in 1974, the Whitney Lab is dedicated to using marine model animals for studying fundamental problems in biology and applying that knowledge to issues of human health, natural resources, and the environment. Researchers at the lab are on the front lines of a variety of scientific areas including biodiversity, ocean health, marine chemistry, neuroscience, sensory biology, evolutionary genomics, embryology, and cell regeneration – working to Go Greater for all of us.

Research at the Whitney Lab

Celebrating 50 Years!

Five Decade of Discovery at Whitney Laboratory

How it All Began

Whitney Lab 5K - April 14

Lace up your shoes for marine science! Join us as we commemorate 50 years of science and discovery at UF Whitney Lab with a 5k Race! Run, walk, or jog with us at the beautiful River to Sea Preserve trails (or anywhere with our virtual option) to celebrate this historic anniversary and support marine conservation.

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Ryan Lab welcomes Dr. Urvashi Goswami

Goswami, Urvashi

Please welcome Dr. Urvashi Goswami to the Whitney Laboratory! Urvashi recently joined the Ryan Lab as a Postdoctoral Associate. Read More

Evenings at Whitney - YouTube Link, Tapeworm Tails: Understanding stem cells and regeneration in Hymenolepis diminuta


If you missed our February Evenings at Whitney, "Tapeworm Tails: Understanding stem cells and regeneration in Hymenolepis diminuta" with Tania Rozario, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics and Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Diseases at the University of Georgia, the YouTube link is below. Read More

Fish sensory cells have close evolutionary ties to sensory cells of humans and other vertebrates

Larval Zebrafish, credit: 7dpf larva, akiramuto.net/archives/458, CC BY 4.0, Credit: National Institute of Genetics

Congratulations to Whitney researchers Dr. Elias Lunsford, Dr. Yuriy Bobkov, Brandon Ray, Dr. James Liao and Dr. James Strother who published a paper titled "Anion efflux mediates transduction in the hair cells of the zebrafish lateral line" in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Read More

Stand Up & Holler, It's Gator Nation Giving Day!

Whitney Laboratory Giving Day Design

Join together with the Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience on Giving Day – your gift can directly impact our areas of greatest need. 2 Bits, 4 Bits, Every Bit Counts! Read More

Schnitzler Lab Welcomes Dr. Zac Lane

Lane, Zac

Please welcome Dr. Zac Lane to the Whitney Laboratory!  He recently joined the Schnitzler Lab as a Postdoctoral Associate.  Read More

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