Marine Conservation Fellowship

Made possible through a significant private donation, the University of Florida Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, through Bocas Del Toro Lab and Galeta Lab, partnered to bring students this multidisciplinary fellowship program. The program offered students the opportunity to learn about and experience marine conservation in the tropical and sub-tropical coastal environments of Florida and Panama. Two fellows who studied mangrove nutrient cycling and movement and completed their PhDs in August 2021.

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Whitney Lab Assistant Professor of Biogeochemistry Todd Osborne along with Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Experimental Community Ecologist Andrew Altieri, University of Florida Assistant Professor in Environmental Engineering Sciences Christine Angelini, and California State University-Sacramento Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Tim Davidson made up the program’s team of principal investigators.

The program’s first two fellows were Heather Stewart, Ph.D. student in biology at McGill University, and Julie Walker, Ph.D. student in interdisciplinary ecology at the University of Florida.

Throughout five years, the principal investigators and fellows researched how mangroves are responding to global change.