Bailey-Niblett Family Endowment Helps Fund Trip to SICB

Bailey-Niblett Family Endowment Helps Fund Trip to SICB

Published: Tuesday, January 23, 2024

This January the Bailey-Niblett Family Endowment helped fund a Whitney Postdoctoral Research Associate's trip Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) conference from January 2- 6, 2024, in Seattle, Washington. At the conference Strother Lab Postdoc Dr. Leandra Hamann gave a presentation titled "Don’t Spill the Krill: Flow Patterns of Filter-Feeding in Mobula Rays".

"Since I only recently joined the Whitney Lab and took on the topic of fluid dynamics in filter-feeding manta rays, it was great to meet people with expertise in various related fields, such as vertebrate morphology, biomechanics, modeling, and CFD simulation. This gave me valuable input and inspiration for my research at the Whitney Lab", said Leandra.

The Bailey-Niblett Family Endowment assists in funding for research projects and travel for graduate students, postdoctoral research associates and pre-tenured faculty at the Whitney Laboratory.

Thank you to the Bailey-Niblett Family Endowment for providing funding for this opportunity!