Carol Paullin Named to Whitney Laboratory Board of Trustees

Carol Paullin Named to Whitney Laboratory Board of Trustees

Published: Thursday, August 24, 2023

Whitney Laboratory is pleased to announce that Carol Paullin has joined its Board of Trustees.

Carol has been a docent for the Whitney Lab school program Day at the Whitney for nine years.

She earned a BS in Biology from Juniata College and taught high school Biology in Newark, Delaware for six years.  During that time she earned a Masters in Education with a focus in Marine Science from the University of Delaware.

Carol worked for the Mobil Oil Corporation for 20 years, with assignments primarily in Operations and Finance. She earned an MBA from Virginia Tech during this time.  After the merger of Mobil and Exxon, she continued to work for six years in Global Lubricants Operations and process development.

Exxon Mobil encourages employees and retirees to volunteer in their community. She submitted requests each year for volunteering at Day at Whitney and received funds that the education department used to purchase new microscopes to replace all of the out-of-date microscopes in the Day at Whitney lab.

She is a Trustee Emeritus of Juniata College having served on the college’s Board of Trustees for nine years.  

The Whitney Laboratory Board of Trustees provides advice and assistance to the Lab in the areas of fund raising, advocacy and marketing helping to further the Lab’s mission of scientific research, education & training.