Dr. David Duffy on BBC Inside Science

Dr. David Duffy on BBC Inside Science

Published: Thursday, June 15, 2023

Dr. David was recently on BBC Radio 4 - BBC Inside Science discussing the benefits and problems of environmental DNA (eDNA).

Episode Details:

This week, we hear from the University of Florida’s Dr David Duffy. He heads up a team of researchers who are studying sea turtles. In order to track the animals and their diseases, the scientists devised a method of collecting fragments of DNA from tanks at the university’s turtle hospital, as well as from sand and water in the local environment. While they found plenty of turtle DNA, they were surprised to uncover large amounts of high-quality human eDNA. Duffy tells us all about the study and his surprising findings, but also highlights the ethical problems this could raise. 

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BBC Inside Science Episode - The Benefits and Problems of eDNA

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