Dr. Elaine Seaver and Dr. Danielle de Jong Publish Paper in Genes

Dr. Elaine Seaver and Dr. Danielle de Jong Publish Paper in Genes

Published: Monday, November 15, 2021

Congratulations to Dr. Elaine Seaver and Dr. Danielle de Jong who recently published a paper in Genes entitled ‘Regeneration in the Segmented Annelid Capitella teleta'.


The segmented worms, or annelids, are a clade within the Lophotrochozoa, one of the three bilaterian superclades. Annelids have long been models for regeneration studies due to their impressive regenerative abilities. Furthermore, the group exhibits variation in adult regeneration abilities with some species able to replace anterior segments, posterior segments, both or neither. Successful regeneration includes regrowth of complex organ systems, including the centralized nervous system, gut, musculature, nephridia and gonads. Here, regenerative capabilities of the annelid Capitella teleta are reviewed. C. teleta exhibits robust posterior regeneration and benefits from having an available sequenced genome and functional genomic tools available to study the molecular and cellular control of the regeneration response. The highly stereotypic developmental program of C. teleta provides opportunities to study adult regeneration and generate robust comparisons between development and regeneration.

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Image: Adult Capitella teleta