Dr. William Carr, Whitney's First Faculty Has Passed Away

Dr. William Carr, Whitney's First Faculty Has Passed Away

Published: Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Whitney's own Professor William E.S. Carr, PhD,  the first UF Faculty at Whitney Laboratory has passed away.  

Dr. Carr received his PhD at Duke University, and was recruited by our first director Dr. Gurin, prior to the Whitney Laboratory opening. He served as our first faculty and helped develop the laboratory building plan and the idea of a biomedical research focus of Whitney Lab. He studied chemosensing and olfaction in spiny lobster, shrimp, and fish. He developed the original laboratory design with Dr. Gurin our first director and the engineering firm.

An avid fisherman, Dr. Bill Carr also founded a successful national fishing lure company - Carr Specialty Baits, producer of Fishbites, based on his research at Whitney, that his family now runs in St. Augustine. He continued this work at Whitney until the opening of the Sea Turtle Hospital which is now housed in the former Fishbites research space.

Dr. Bill Carr and his family/company generously supported the building of the Center for Marine Studies Building in our last capital campaign, and he has been a supporter of the Sea Turtle Hospital as well. Dr. Carr also served on the Whitney Board of Trustees. 

Dr. Carr's memoir "We grew up in a Castle" was published a few years ago, reflecting on his upbringing in what is now New Smyrna Beach. His early interest in the sea and salt of the ocean inspired his desire to research marine life.

All who knew him know he was a warm and generous person, with an easy sense of humor. Rest in Peace Dr. Carr, you will be missed. 

Carr, William