Millions of Red Drum Larvae Spawned at Whitney Released

Millions of Red Drum Larvae Spawned at Whitney Released

Published: Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Last week the Ibarra-Castro Lab (Dr. Leonardo Ibarra-Castro, Dr. Samantha Koda and Maddie Morrison) and Osborne Lab (Dr. Todd Osborne and Sean Goggin) along with Whitney staff Patrick Thompson and Adam Pacetti released red drum larvae into the Matanzas River close to the Whitney Laboratory. 

The red drum larvae, about 1mm in length, were spawned at the Whitney Laboratory by the Ibarra-Castro Lab. They were spawned from adult red drum broodstock and after they were three days old Whitney Laboratory and partner organizations released 3.5 million on October 22, 2021. Thank you Star Brite, Fish Bites and Retrax for their partnership in this effort.

Whitney Laboratory has upcoming red drum larvae releases planned in the Indian River Lagoon and Matanzas River.

More information about Fish Aquaculture at Whitney Laboratory can be found here.

Red drum eggs

Red drum release in Matanzas estuary

Red drum release partners