Sea Turtle Hospital Patient Mr. Smee Released

Sea Turtle Hospital Patient Mr. Smee Released

Published: Friday, March 22, 2024

Sea Turtle Hospital patient Mr. Smee returned to their ocean home on March 14. They were released at Marineland Beach, directly across the street from the Whitney Laboratory. The stars were aligned perfectly this past Tuesday, with a beautiful day and calm seas. The perfect conditions for a last-minute release of beloved Mr. Smee.

The week prior during Mr. Smee’s complete veterinary exam with Dr. Brooke, she remarked, “Mr. Smee’s buoyancy has resolved, and flipper tip amputation site was healed." Prior to releasing all patients, a complete veterinary examination takes place which includes bloodwork, radiographs, photographs, and a series of measurements. If all these practices are within normal limits, our patients receive their “swimming papers” and are “almost” ready for release.

Our hospital manager, Devon, then contacts Florida Fish and Wildlife Commissions (FWCC) with the exciting news that a patient has been cleared by our veterinarian and is ready for release. This includes detailed information including why the animal stranded, how long the patient has been in a hospital setting, and the current size of the animal. Then FWCC will give strict orders on time and location of the release.

Unfortunately, but fortunately, the day Mr. Smee was cleared by Dr. Brooke, FWCC gave orders for Mr. Smee to be released that day. The unfortunate part is this left us with no time to notify friends and followers and our compassionate sponsors of Mr. Smee to be invited to attend the release. Nonetheless, the wonderful news is, Mr. Smee was able to return home to his/her ocean home because of our passionate team and the tremendous help from Mr. Smee's sponsors in the care of an extensive, yet successful rehabilitation.

We want to thank you all for your generous support and hope you would consider sponsoring future patients with the hopes of being welcomed to one of the best days, release days. Please enjoy this release video of your adored sponsored patient, Mr. Smee has he/she continues with his/her incredible turtle journey.

Mr. Smee Release