Welcome 2023 Summer Interns!

Welcome 2023 Summer Interns!

Published: Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Welcome 2023 Summer Interns to Whitney Laboratory!

This summer's interns include six undergraduate students from colleges across the United States that have joined a Whitney Laboratory faculty member's lab to participate and conduct scientific research. Interns are funded by the National Science Foundation, Carl and Marcella Matthaei Ecological Scholarship or the Whitman Internship Grant.

  • Justin Blacher (National Science Foundation)
  • Sang Bobbitt Hanna (Matthaei Scholarship)
  • Amy Holt (National Science Foundation)
  • Campbell Key (Summer Research Intern)
  • Olivia Oczkowski (Whitman Scholar)
  • Leandra Toledo (National Science Foundation)

Each intern works on a research project that is both of interest to the intern and aligns with the laboratory’s ongoing investigations.  Faculty labs include the Ibarra-Castro Lab, Loesgen Lab, Ryan Lab, Schnitzler Lab, Seaver Lab, and Strother Lab.