Whitney Lab welcomes Dr. Jenny Whilde

Whitney Lab welcomes Dr. Jenny Whilde

Published: Friday, May 12, 2023

Please welcome Dr. Jenny Whilde to the Whitney Laboratory! She recently joined the lab as an Environmental Grant Coordinator.

Jenny earned her B.Sc. in Natural Sciences from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, where she developed an interest in animal behavior, marine biology, and conservation. She then obtained her M.Sc. in Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology from the University of Exeter, UK. During this time, she spent several months in South Africa studying the behavior of wild vervet monkeys.

Jenny subsequently returned to Trinity College, Dublin to undertake her Ph.D., focusing on social group dynamics in zoo-housed animals, including elephants and orangutans. While working towards her Ph.D., Jenny earned a Diploma in Statistics and a Certificate in Proofreading. She also had the opportunity to spend some time at an orangutan sanctuary in Borneo, learning about the successes and challenges involved in wildlife rehabilitation.

With many years of experience in scientific writing, editing, and proofreading across a broad range of disciplines including cancer research, marine biology, and behavioral ecology, Jenny has contributed significantly to scientific publications, successful grant applications, and mainstream media articles.  As an Environmental Grant Coordinator at the Whitney Laboratory, Jenny will pursue grant opportunities that contribute to the objectives of the facility, and support its research programs, aquaculture, conservation activities, and outreach programs.

When not at her desk, Jenny enjoys sewing and other crafts, cooking, and going on adventures with her family.