Whitney Laboratory Welcomes New Board of Trustee Member, Joan Boyce

Whitney Laboratory Welcomes New Board of Trustee Member, Joan Boyce

Published: Tuesday, July 19, 2016

University of Florida Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience is pleased to announce that Joan Boyce has joined its Board of Trustees. Boyce has more than 23 years experience in life science publishing, sales, management, editorial leadership and content innovation. She is currently the vice president and general manager at Biocompare, the leading resource for up-to-date product information, product reviews and new technologies for life scientists.

“Joan’s experience in the life science industry and with the prestigious Cold Spring Harbor Labs will be a tremendous asset to Whitney Laboratory,” said Mark Martindale, director of Whitney Laboratory. “We are so honored that Joan has agreed to become a member of the Board of Trustees, making an impact on the work performed here at Whitney Laboratory.”

Boyce’s entire career has centered on life sciences, from conducting DNA tumor virus research to leading top biotech media brands. She started at Biocompare in March 2012. Previously, she served as executive director and group publisher of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News. She also worked for Reed Business Information, where she was responsible for three life science trade magazines: Drug Discovery & Development, Genomics & Proteomics and Bioscience Technology. Boyce also co-founded and served as vice president at BioSupplyNet, a SciQuest company.

“I can’t think of anything more gratifying than serving on the Whitney Laboratory Board of Trustees,” said Boyce. “This laboratory is conducting some amazing and important research that will not only help protect our environment but can also be applied to better understand human health. I hope to help the laboratory grow and prosper so that its core mission can be fulfilled.”

Whitney Laboratory’s mission is to use marine organisms in basic biological research to apply, where possible, the novel results of this research to problems of human health, natural resources and the environment; train future experimental biologists; and contribute to public education and the formulation of policy in basic research and marine science.

Boyce graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal behavior from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania and started her career working as a laboratory manager for Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and North Shore University Hospital Research Center.

The Whitney Laboratory Board of Trustees meets bi-annually. Additional members include Honorary Chair Marylou Whitney, Chair Brian Keller, Vice-Chair John Perkner, Craig Barzso, Susan Stauffer Blaser, David Colburn, Martha Dobes, Jewel Humphrey Grutman, Michael Greenberg, Sara Hale, Tim Hale, Pat Hamilton, Linda Myers, Bruce Page, Gary Peacock, Marian Phelan, Maximilian Polyak, Leslie Clark Randolph, Katharine Rowe, Eric Smith, Sylvia Spengler and Douglass Wiles.