Sea Turtle Eugenie Clark Released Aug. 20

Sea Turtle Eugenie Clark Released Aug. 20

Published: Monday, August 24, 2020

Sea Turtle Eugenie Clark was released August 20 on Facebook Live. Due to COVID-19, this release was shared online only to ensure the safety of our staff and community.

Eugenie Clark is our first release of 2020 and her name is from our 5th year naming theme where we name turtles after marine scientists or scientists that specialized in marine organisms as part of their life's work. Dr. Eugenie Clark ("The Shark Lady") was a scientific pioneer who greatly contributed to people's knowledge of sharks and fish. 

Our Eugenie Clark came to us on March 3 from Lighthouse Park in Ponce Inlet, Volusia County. There was discarded fishing line wrapped around the tumors on her right front flipper. Luckily, it was easily removed and didn't impact long term circulation to her flipper. Eugenie received two surgeries to remove the tumors located in her inguinal (rear flipper) area and to remove her eye tumors. She loved her kelp forest enrichment and used it to hide in the center drain of her tank. 

Thank you for your support of the Sea Turtle Hospital and we look forward to when we are able to see you at a release in the future!

In case you missed the release you can watch it below!