Sea Turtle Holly Released April 18 at Ponce Inlet

Sea Turtle Holly Released April 18 at Ponce Inlet

Published: Friday, April 19, 2019

Holly was released back home to the Atlantic Ocean on April 18 at Ponce Inlet.

Holly stranded in Ponce Inlet in Volusia County during the holiday season, which led this sea turtle to be named Holly. Upon arrival to the Sea Turtle Hospital, Holly was a cold stun and suffering from a mild case of fibropapillomatosis.

We slowly warmed Holly back up and treated with fluids, vitamins, and antibiotics. Once Holly was feeling better, we used radiographs and an endoscopic procedure to detect
internal tumors. In most cases, this allows us to determine the sex of the patient. We learned Holly did not have any internal tumors and was a male.

After a month of antibiotics, good nutrition and clean water, Holly was ready for surgery. We used a CO2 laser to remove all of his tumors. After a quick recovery, Holly was released back into Ponce Inlet.