Sea Turtle Pesto Released March 22

Sea Turtle Pesto Released March 22

Published: Monday, April 4, 2022

Sea Turtle Hospital patient "Pesto" was released at Marineland Beach on March 22, 2022. Pesto had been in our care since May 2021, after arriving from New Smyrna. She was found floating at the surface with a severe monofilament entanglement to the left front flipper and was transported to Volusia Marine Science Center for immediate attention. It was there that the veterinary team confirmed Pesto had FP and would need to be transferred to us.

On arrival, after our veterinarian did a complete exam, an emergency surgery was needed to amputate Pesto’s left front flipper, due to the severity of necrosis around the entanglement site. Pesto made a full recovery, and the start of her tumor removal surgery was underway in the months that followed. While in our care, Pesto had five FP tumor removal surgeries and was deemed “tumor free” by the beginning of 2022.  

Due to the recent increase in new patients along the east coast, most sea turtle rehab facilities were at or over max capacity, so FWC required us to expedite Pesto's release. 

On March 22, Pesto had a veterinary exam, complete with radiographs, bloodwork, and body condition measurements, and was cleared for release by our veterinarian. It was a beautiful day with no offshore winds and clear visibility -- perfect conditions for Pesto's release.  

Pesto was escorted back into her ocean home by husbandry intern Alyna, surrounded by the veterinary care team.  

Sea Turtle Pesto prior to release