Sang Bobbitt Hanna - 2023 Matthaei Ecological Scholar

Sang Bobbitt Hanna - 2023 Matthaei Ecological Scholar

Published: Friday, July 21, 2023

The Carl and Marcella Matthaei Ecological Scholarship Fund at the Whitney Laboratory provides support for University of Florida scientists-in-training to have access to the Matanzas River Basin, where they can engage in its biodiversity, ecology, and conservation. The Matanzas River Basin is a dynamic regional ecosystem, and the Whitney Laboratory’s campus is strategically located with access to numerous and diverse habitats along the Florida coast.  We thank those who have contributed to the Matthaei Ecological Scholarship Fund, and would like to introduce you one of the 2023 summer scholars.

Through generous donation to the endowed fund, we are able to offer Sang Bobbitt Hanna the opportunity to spend a portion of the summer working on focused projects in the Matanzas River Basin.

This summer he is working under Dr. Leonardo Ibarra-Castro with various components of aquaculture such as the breeding processes of different species under controlled conditions, the behavior, preferences, and conditional effects of juveniles, wild stock sampling, tagging, and tracking, and the release processes of different species in various locations. He is also helping with husbandry of the organisms.

Sang Bobbitt Hanna is a fourth year Natural Resource Conservation undergraduate major at the University of Florida. After this summer opportunity at the lab, he plans to graduate from UF and pursue a career in marine sciences and environmental conservation.