Caleb Bostwick of Moroz Lab Completes PhD

Caleb Bostwick of Moroz Lab Completes PhD

Published: Monday, August 19, 2019

Congratulations Caleb Bostwick of the Leonid Moroz Laboratory for completing your PhD! 

Caleb graduated with a PhD in Biomedical Sciences with Neuroscience Concentration and did his research in Leonid Moroz’ Lab at Whitney Laboratory.

His PhD focused on the transcriptomic profiling of cellular identity and plasticity in the nervous system of the marine mollusk Aplysia californica. Using the large neurons present in the central nervous system of these sea slugs and knowledge of the neural circuits underlying behavior, Caleb sought to answer questions such as: what are the transcriptomic properties of individual identifiable neurons? What changes occur in the nervous system when the signal transduction pathways activated by learning are induced by chemical stimulation? In the Moroz lab, they identified a host of novel genes that potentially play important roles in the identity of single neurons and also the gene expression changes that occur upon a chemical treatment designed to mimic a form of learning.

We wish you the best in your scientific career and further pursuits in science!