Dr. Elaine Seaver featured in photography series

Dr. Elaine Seaver featured in photography series "Women" by Savannah College of Art and Design student Emerson Scheerer

Published: Monday, May 20, 2019

Dr. Elaine Seaver was recently photographed in her lab as part of Savannah College of Art and Design student Emerson Scheerer's ongoing series entitled, “Women,” featuring environmental portraits of women of power.

Also, after her visit to the Whitney Laboratory Emerson was inspired to do a high fashion editorial photo shoot to bring attention to plastics and pollution in the ocean. More information about Emerson and her series below.

Elaine Seaver

Photo credit: Emerson Scheerer

About Emerson Scheerer and her series "Women"

In October of 2018 I began college, majoring in commercial photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design. For my first class, I started what has turned into a very important ongoing series featuring environmental portraits of women.

As I continued taking portraits and listening closer to these phenomenal women, many who are in traditionally male dominated fields, I furthermore realized why their stories needed to be told. The fact was that many of these women never quite viewed themselves as progressive, influential leaders. Some were even puzzled why I reached out to them and perhaps didn’t realize just how far reaching their impact was.

These women have carried titles such as World Champion Boxer, Top Chef, Emmy nominated Broadcaster, Firefighter, and Scientist for the renowned Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience.

I selected Doctor Elaine Seaver to photograph as part of my series entitled, “Women,” featuring women of power because not only is she a highly accomplished, dedicated, and successful marine biologist but also a Professor. Dr. Seaver spends much of her time educating and teaching graduate students and the public regarding marine life and research.

When asking Doctor Seaver, “when did you realize you were a woman of power?” Her response to this question was both noteworthy and moving. Dr. Seaver’s response was not about her own personal triumphs or accomplishments! Her response was about training new biologists.

This photo series continues to be important to me because women are often underrepresented and undercompensated professionally. It is no secret that in many countries, women do not yet have the right to vote, education, drive a car, work or show their faces. Now more than ever it is evident that women are an important, necessary and dynamic part of this thriving world.

I’m not sure that there is an end in sight to the photo series, as I plan to continue this important series as part of my ongoing work as a photographer. Before graduation I plan to share my series and the contributions of these amazing women with a photography exhibit. It would be amazing to have so many of these women in one room together!

I thank all the women who have shared their time and experiences with me. Through each unique and memorable interaction, I have learned so many amazing lessons, gained new knowledge and inspiration that I can’t wait to share with the world. In fact, after visiting the Whitney Laboratory and seeing the constant stream of alarming news reports from all over the world regarding plastics and pollution in our oceans, I was inspired to do a high fashion editorial photo shoot, to bring attention to this travesty.

Photo credit for all images: Emerson Scheerer

Emerson Scheerer Photo

Emerson Scheerer Photo

 Emerson Scheerer Photo

 Emerson Scheerer Photo

A special thanks to Elaine Seaver, PH.D, and her work within the marine biology field; specifically for her current research, with the development and evolution of marine invertebrates. 

For more information regarding Emerson Scheerer or this photography series visit emersonphotography.net or go to Instagram: @emscheerer.

Emerson Scheerer.

Emerson Scheerer