Sea Turtles Zip-Tie and Bulldozer Released

Sea Turtles Zip-Tie and Bulldozer Released

Published: Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Sea Turtle Hospital patients Zip-Tie and Bulldozer received their swimming papers and were released July 19 at the beach side of River to Sea Preserve Boardwalk (Marineland Beach) in the town of Marineland, Florida.

Bulldozer was a patient at the Sea Turtle Hospital since December 28, 2022. While under the care of hospital staff Bulldozer received two CT scans at Precision Imaging and had a total of three Fibropapilloma (FP) tumor removal surgeries.

Zip-Tie arrived at the hospital December 20, 2022 and was the last patient named during the construction naming theme. Zip-Tie was found washed ashore on the beach in Palm Coast (just seven miles south of the hospital). Zip-Tie had just a few small FP tumors to remove and was quite a handful, despite being the hospital's smallest patient at only 6 pounds!

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