Sea Turtle Hospital Sustaining Gift Levels

Did you know the Sea Turtle Hospital at the Whitney Lab relies on charitable giving to operate? Our successes together wouldn't be possible without the continued support of Sea Turtle friends like you!

Make a Gift
Friends of the Sea Turtle Hospital

Friends of the Sea Turtle Hospital

Your tax deductible donation helps fund: nutritious food for ill sea turtles in the hospital, examinations and surgery performed by the veterinarian Dr. Brooke Burkhalter, antibiotics and pain medication that all patients need, and the day-to-day treatment from our animal care team. 

Some examples of what your donation can help provide:

  • A month of food for all sea turtle patients in the hospital $85
  • Full examination and diagnostics from the animal care team $200 (incl. specialized veterinarian)
  • Bandages, syringes, instruments and fluids per surgery $50 (Each sea turtle with FP may require 4-5 surgeries)

We welcome your gift to help sustain the operations of the Sea Turtle Hospital in any denomination, you can choose a recurring gift or one time giving.

Join us on this journey with your sustaining gift for turtles

The Sea Turtle Hospital at Whitney Laboratory offers the following sustaining gift levels to help support essential operating funding for the hospital. To make a gift to the Sea Turtle Hospital, please contact Jessica Long at or call (904) 201-8401, give online, or even Sponsor the Care of a Turtle through the link below!

Make a Gift

Sponsor a Turtle


Every rescued Sea Turtle who comes through our doors (including those cute little washbacks!) receive care. This level of support can help provide the exams, fluids, x-rays, antibiotics, blood work, supplies, and care required for every patient seen.


All Sea Turtles at the hospital receive a specific diet designed to maximize the healing and recovery for each animal. This level of support can provide all our Sea Turtles a nutritious diet for one year.


Sea Turtles staying at the hospital receive excellent medical treatment 365 days a year. The average patient stays at the hospital for 6 months and during that time receives care 7 days a week. This level of support can help provide the day to day care of Sea Turtle patients during their recovery.

GREEN $5,000

Our hospital is permitted to care for Sea Turtles with Fibropapillomatosis (FP) – the most significant disease among Sea Turtles in our area. This level of support can help cover the cost of the on average 6 surgeries required to get a turtle tumor free and released back to their habitat.


Join us in our mission to promote Sea Turtle conservation in Northeast Florida. This level of support contributes to the total comprehensive care of Sea Turtles during their stay. From rescue to rehabilitation to release.

Under IRS rules your payment will be treated as a charitable contribution deductible subject to normal IRS limitations to the extent it exceeds the value of benefit.