Sponsor the Care of Grape

Sponsor the Care of Grape

By sponsoring the care of sea turtle Grape, you'll be supporting the Sea Turtle Hospital and the work we do to research, rehab and release these amazing animals. Your sponsorship can provide Grape important medical supplies, nutritious food, critical exams and other types of care at the Sea Turtle Hospital.

Suggested amount to sponsor the care of a turtle is $50. We appreciate gifts above $50 as well. For joining us, you'll receive a personalized certificate and choice to have it mailed to your home or emailed.

Please allow 2 weeks for mailed certificate to arrive. Emailed certificates sent within 2 business days. 

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Grape has returned to their ocean home!

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A Small, but Might Patient!

Grape's Story

Arrival: March 18, 2021
Location: St Augustine, Camachee Cove

Grape is a small juvenile green turtle that was found buoyant and struggling to dive in St. Augustine at Camachee Cove Marina on March 18th. Upon arrival Grape had 90% of its carapace (shell) covered in marsh mud and some barnacles. Grape also has an old, healed trauma to the underside of her carapace, likely from a boat strike. ;

Grape has small Fibropapilloma (FP) tumors located on both eyes, right shoulder, left lower flipper region, and multiple small tumors on her plastron (bottom shell). On March 30th, Grape was healthy to transport to Precision Image for CT. Grape continues to improve and is doing well in rehab. Grape is currently tumor free except for one small tumor on her eye. She is scheduled for surgery to remove the final tumor in the coming weeks.